No Win No Fee

"No Win, No Fee" and other funding arrangements


Most of our personal injury claims are run under Conditional Fee Agreements so that the Client is fully protected against any liability for payment of legal costs. With litigation insurance supporting a claim the Client can rest assured that he or she will be indemnified against any claim for legal costs and has no liability to pay fees to Jacobs & Reeves in the event that a claim fails. The Client receives the full compensation payment, the costs being paid by the insurance company responsible for payment of the claim.


We have expertise and experience of most types of injury compensation claim from minor accidents to catastrophic and fatal claims, and claims for compensation for work related disease.

In employment cases, where tribunal rules do not provide for payment of legal costs, the firm is often able to agree discounted charging rates or contingent charging rates depending on the outcome of the case. Further details are available on request.


For commercial litigation, contingency fee agreements are sometimes available. Where cases are privately funded all charging rates are as approved by the local courts.


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