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COVID Working Arrangements



Please note our offices are still closed due to Coronavirus in order to protect our clients and our staff. Please do not attend our offices. All staff are on site.

If you are a new client please call 01202 674 425 where one of our team will assist you.

If you have a general query or require any type of quote for our services please call 01202 674 425 and your call will be answered by members of our team.

If you are a current client please, if you are able to, email the Solicitor that is dealing with your case or call them on their direct dial as listed below:-

Family Department


Rob Nickless 01202 339 069

Tom Killick 01202 339 068

Conveyancing Department


Helen Henson 01202 339 064

Ashleigh Lydford 01202 339067


Megan Thompson 01202 339 065




01202 339 060



Nick Hyman 01202 843 203 


Trudy Wareham 01202 843 201 



To contact other lawyers or members of staff please call 01202 674425 and your call will be put through.

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