Landlord & Tenant

Jacobs and Reeves are experts in advising both landlords and tenants regarding all manner of residential and commercial disputes and providing landlord and tenant legal advice including advice on evictions and repossessions. We can provide advice to both tenants and to landlords.



If you are having problems with your tenants we can act for you and seek a quick resolution. If your tenants are not paying rent, or for some other reason you want to evict or repossess then we cover all steps from serving notices up to and including representing you at court hearings.

We offer fixed fee evictions, and also act in recovering monies owed at a reduced hourly rate.

We can also advise you should you have other issues with your landlords such as disrepair or damage caused, deposit claims, or any other matter.

Commercial landlords often have disputes with their tenants regarding terminal dilapidation claims or lease renewals. We can act for you throughout the negotiation process, and should settlement not be possible we will pursue the matter through court on your behalf.

Landlords need to be careful to ensure they do not serve invalid notices, otherwise court proceedings could fail, and costs could be ordered against you. To avoid that risk make sure you get advice from us as soon as possible.

Please contact our litigation department who will be able to advise you further. Click here to email




If you are faced with eviction or other claims from your landlord we can assist. We have experience in representing tenants for all manner of disputes including: -

  • Eviction / possession claims

  • Illegal eviction

  • Harassment

  • Disrepair

  • Trespass

  • Deposit claims

If your landlord is refusing to carry out repairs, or you are in dispute in regarding your deposit please contact our litigation department for an initial consultation.

We also advise on the following areas: -

  • Boundary disputes / neighbour disputes

  • Enfranchisement

  • Right to manage

  • Service charge / administration charge disputes

  • Leasehold Valuation Tribunal applications 

Please contact our litigation department who will be able to advise you further. Click here to email